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Have been in Jo’burg for about a week now. Ligthning struck the guest house I’m staying at, and it knocked out the DSL router, and 3G coverage has been choppy, so I have been Internetless (see Internetlessness for title definition) until today (except at the office of course, but we’ve been having troubles there too). Apologies if for any on-line meetings, etc I have missed.

ubuntu-za-wiki.jpg  ubuntu-za-planet.jpg

The Ubuntu-ZA Planet and Wiki themes are coming along nicely. The planet needs a little bit of work (mainly for the hackergotchis to display nicely) and so does the wiki. After that, we just need to make sure that we’ve got all the data imported from the old wiki, then we will go live. Thanks to Ubuntu-IN for providing the Mediawiki theme. I will post links to both the wiki and the planet themes when they are at least semi-ready. I haven’t had a chance to work on either for the last week, but by the end of next weekend it should be just about complete.

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