How to Spell Jonathan

What’s wrong with you people!?

Why is “Jonathan” so difficult to spell? It’s supposedly quite a common name, and not that difficult to spell. Yet, here are just some of the mis-spellings I’ve seen:

  • Johnathan (some people actually have this name, as an alternate spelling, shame)
  • Jonothan (Many Jonathans accept “Jono” as a nickname, that doesn’t give you an excuse to mis-spell our name though)
  • Jonathon (If you want to make enemies with a Jonathan, this will help you get there fast)
  • Johnathon (Comment not safe for a public page)

Correct spelling:


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What does Jonathan mean!?

From Wikipedia:

Jonathan (in Hebrew: יְהוֹנָתָן/יוֹנָתָן‎, Standard Yonatan / Yəhonatan Tiberian Yônāṯān / Yəhônāṯān) is a common masculine given name meaning “Yahweh (God) has given”, “gift of God” in Hebrew.[1][2] The first known Jonathan was a son of King Saul in the Hebrew Bible, a close friend of David.

From Urban

  1. Very nice person, warm and welcoming.
  2. Loyal, Generous, Handsome individual (s), who is/are without a doubt the very best person to love. Jonathan(s) is/are Intelligent, Subtle, Strong, Rock-like Men. They are the best Friends and very best Lovers.
  3. Someone who will always say the right thing, He’ll sometimes be shy, but he’ll respect everything you do. he’s bound to be handsome, and will look good no matter what. Sometimes, he will take your breath away. He’s a dream, picture-perfect, a complete sweetheart. No one could do any better than a Jonathan.

Common uses:

  1. OH yes, OH Jonathan, OH YES! (again and again and again and etc., etc., etc.)
  2. I wish I was Jonathan.
  3. “Dude how could that fat-ass get that chick”. He must be a Jonathan.

But you sometimes spell your name in only lowecase letters!

I guess no one’s perfect.

What’s a “Jonathon”

A Jonathon is a sporting event where girls flock to make out with Jonathans. (see: secretsquirrel)

I read your e-mails:

Jonatan Anderson:

Hi Jonathan,

You still get the spelling wrong. I just thought I would clear some things
up with the correct spelling of the name. IT   SHOULD   BE   WIHOUT AN H period,

The name should be as simple as possible, like Jonatan

Otherwise we seem to share not just the name, but also interest in free
software and technology in general.

By the way, here in Sweden it is happens quite often that they mistake me
for Joakim... Especially a bit elderly ladies. Customers from United
states and Canada often spells it Jonathon

Johnathon Tinsley:


I note on your spelling page, on your blog you say “not safe for a
public page”… ;)

I get as frustrated as you sometimes with people mis-spelling my name.
Its Johnathon. Not Johnathan. Not Jonathan. Johnathon. Blame my odd parents.