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For the last 5 years I’ve been wanting to start my own company. Every time I get some ideas together, something big comes up at the current employer or something way better comes along. Earlier this year, the company I was working for got bought over by a bigger company that I don’t particularly like, so this seems like a good time to do this. I resigned last month, and I’m finishing in 7 days. It’s a huge relief and I’m also quite excited and nervous at the same time.

I have some part-time clients that will now become full-time clients. It should cover my salary and the basic business operation costs, I hope to start expanding it gradually starting from February 2009. I’m not going to make any promises that it will be the biggest or most brilliant business ever, but what I will say is that I’ll keep ethics and profesionalism my top priority. If I can’t run the company in an ethical way anymore, I’ll close it down. I’ve been quite inspired by the Igalia guys, following some of their blogs on Planet Gnome, I would be more than happy if the company evolves to being a similar company than what they have, although our services will be quite different.

I’ve got most of the boring stuff sorted out. The company is registered, VAT registration is pending, bank accounts have been opened, bug trackers and wikis have been set up, suppliers and clients have been registered, invoices are already going out, etc. Some of the more fun stuff has been done too, logo is designed, name is chosen and website is coming along too. I’ll provide the name and the logo of the company soon, it’s not exactly secret, but I like keeping people in suspense for just a little bit :)

My initial target market is based on what my current clients are, which are organisations in the education and non-profit sectors. Some small-business services are planned for next year, as well as a cosumer service that I hope locals will find enjoyment of.

If things go as planned, I should have a few days a month open to expand my knowledge more and get involved in things that I’ve been meaning to for a long time.

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12 Responses to “7 Days Left”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Congrats with starting your own company, and good luck :)

  2. Gianluca Varisco Says:


    Good luck with your own company ;-)

  3. Mario Torre Says:

    Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Tristan Rhodes Says:

    Best of luck with your new business! I just started an open source business in April and it is going well. The impact from the economy is uncertain, but I expect that open source businesses should thrive better than traditional vendors. Keep us updated on what you are doing!

  5. Niels Egberts Says:

    Yeah good luck! I hope to start a company someday too.

  6. Jane Says:

    Wow JC! Congrats and good luck!!!!!!

  7. Dominic White Says:

    Nice work, although I am amused that you think you’ll have more time to ‘expand your knowledge’.

  8. Sergio Says:

    Thx for your comments about Igalia. Cool to see that we inspired you in a way. Good luck!

  9. Ian Stoffberg Says:

    Congrats Jonathan.

    Working in FOSS in .za is a challenge, but I think your timing is perfect.

    Wish you every success and if I can find some freelance work for you, will pass it on.

    I trust you will be sensible and move to Cape Town.

  10. Braidi Says:

    Hey man… I’m very excited for you. I am glad to see your priority of an ethical business. Having met you… you’ve got what it takes. Great site and great plans! We’ll be in touch.

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