Everybody loves Ubuntu

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Well, except for the MPAA, maybe :)

And yet more thanks to Matthew Garret, because now we also have a new episode of ELER, it’s about time!!!

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Eric Raymond converts to Ubuntu

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From https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2007-February/msg01006.html:

If I thought the state of Fedora were actually improving, I might hang
in there.  But it isn't.  I've been on the fedora-devel list for
years, and the trend is clear.  The culture of the project's core
group has become steadily more unhealthy, more inward-looking, more
insistent on narrow "free software" ideological purity, and more
disconnected from the technical and evangelical challenges that must
be met to make Linux a world-changing success that liberates a
majority of computer users.

I have watched Ubuntu rise to these challenges as Fedora fell away
from them.  Canonical's recent deal with Linspire, which will give
Linux users legal access to WMF and other key proprietary codecs, is
precisely the sort of thing Red-Hat/Fedora could and should have taken
the lead in.  Not having done so bespeaks a failure of vision which I
now believe will condemn Fedora to a shrinking niche in the future.

You realise what this means!?

Yes! Another episode of Everybody Loves Eric Raymond is on its way! ;)

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Coding for Jesus?

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A few months ago, there was a thread on the ubuntu-sounder list about Christian Ubuntu, and how some people felt that the idea of a Christian Ubuntu is offensive. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having Christian Edition. If there’s derivatives for schools, gamers, and just about anything else, what’s wrong with having a system that makes it easier for another group to do their work. Having said that, I do agree that the ‘what would Jesus download’ URL might be pushing it a bit.

But then there’s the Ubuntu Christian Edition “Facts” page. While I agree that it’s funny, it certainly seems to push things a bit too far. I think that many Christians might interpret it as Ubuntu making fun of Christians, so I think that page might be a bit anti-CoC and against the Ubuntu trademark policy as well. I realise that the people who make these pages mean no harm, but I think people need to put a little thought into how people would perceive them, because it’s more than their own reputation they are playing with.

On a slightly unrelated note… just for the record… it isn’t me in this picture:


I’ve already had two isolated incidents where people on IRC asked me today whether that was either me, or a younger brother. What a crazy world :)

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