Edubuntu Summit 5.07 / First trip to London

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This weekend I flew up to London, UK, to attend the first SkoleLinux developers, Guadalinux (spanish distro), and other great people like Mark Shuttleworth, Matt Zimmerman, Henrik Omma and Paul Flint (Paul isn’t just great, he’s larger than life!). The delegates seemed to really like the Skubuntu setup that we’re currently installing in the Shuttleworth tuXlabs project. I’ll be deploying the official Edubuntu website (currently a moin-moin wiki), which will also be based on the Drupal content management system. I’ll also be the community contact for the Edubuntu project. Oliver Grawert is assigned as my Ubuntu mentor, so he’s the one I’ll be pesting when I get stuck with doing nitty gritty things like package creation (and other Debian stuff). It’s all really very exciting!

London is a bit different than I expected. The fast food places are the most bizzarre. Nandos doesn’t sell any burgers, the McDonalds around the corner only sells health food, and the KFC’s only sells Pepsi, no Coke! I also find Afrikaans people everywhere. On the streets, in the pubs, in the tubes, you always hear of how many South Africans there are in London, I never realised just how many there were! The hotel is nice. The Internet connection is so fast that it seems that the bottleneck lies in my laptops wireless card! Collin Applegate, another delegate from the US, told me that he has a 6mbit line in his room that costs him US$40 a month (yes, uncapped)! I finally got to see MTV|2, a station we don’t get in South Africa. I can’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s really even more rubbish than the usual MTV. I was also surprised at the ammount of Spanish people there are here. I think I’ll do a crash-course in Spanish as soon as I get home! I haven’t had a chance to take lots of photo’s, but I do have some and will upload them when I get home.

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