Then and Now Meme

// April 24th, 2010 // Free Software, Humour, Jonathan

Maybe it didn’t exactly start out as a meme, that doesn’t mean I can’t make it into one :)

My Very First Time

My first GNU/Linux desktop was installed in 1999 on a 486DX4-100 with 16MB RAM. It was Red Hat Linux 6 (Hedwig). I still have the CD, it has “Linux 6.0″ written on it which sounds extremely futuristic considering I’m on Linux 2.6.32 now in 2010. I don’t have any of my original screenshots, but I found this one which is a typical RHL 6.0 desktop:

Today I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my desktop, laptop and netbook:

Not too much to see though since I generally keep my desktop clean. I usually use my desktop to store some files temporarily while I work on a task, afterwards they are stored somewhere safe just in case I need them again. I also keep my window list on the top panel, it saves some screen space especially since I only have 2-3 windows open on a desktop space. The space saving is also great on my netbook, since I don’t use the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on there.

Then and Now Edubuntu Edition

Earlier this week, I posted about new futures available in Edubuntu 10.04. This evening I put together a wiki page showing some of the artwork differences in Edubuntu between Karmic and Lucid. I also added some additional information that might be useful to the website and marketing teams similar to what the Ubuntu branding page has done. It’s still early work but I’ll copy and paste it in a page for Maverick and continue to improve on it there. For now I’m getting some sleep since I have a CTWUG meeting early in the morning, seems like blogging just before 2am is becoming a habit :)

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9 Responses to “Then and Now Meme”

  1. Shane Fagan says:

    I think I started this meme a month ago but my first release was gutsy :)

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  4. Akshat Jain says:

    can you give me that sexy purple wallpaper?


  5. xor says:

    /r/ing that spacey wallpaper

  6. David says:

    Where did you find your Orion Horse Nebula wallpaper?
    It looks really great with the new Ubuntu Lucid’s theme!

  7. Brandon Cash says:

    That is a very nice wallpaper, indeed! Googling found me this:,_B33,_Orion_Nebula.jpg
    Which is the shot it’s based off of–but clearly the one you have is cleaned up a lot.

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