Mondays FTL

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See! Even servers don’t like Mondays:

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Linux Humour: Hit the bzr

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You know that real irritating Suggababes song, “Push the button”?

Well, here’s the bzr version:

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Problems with Slug

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Recently, I introduced a friend to GNU/Linux. He experienced lots of software trouble while using Windows, and virusses were causing many headaches. I gave him the 13 CD sarge set, since he didn’t have much bandwidth to download all the software he’d like. I told him that now, if he has any more problems, he’ll at least know it’s a hardware problem, and not a software problem. I also told him about CLUG and SLUG, and he even came to a SLUG installation.

About a week later, I visited him again and he told me a slug made him very angry that day. My first thought was oh no! Someone on the slug-lists caused trouble again and flamed him for asking an innocent question. I asked him who it was who made him angry, he said that his computer kept freezing the last two days or so, and that he considered re-installing, but he took my word on it that if he’d have that kind of problems again, it would be hardware problems. So he opened up his computer, didn’t see anything wrong, took out the motherboard, and at the bottom of it, a slug was toasted to death. How it got there is still unknown, since there wasn’t any hole in the box large enough for one to get through. A few days later though, another slug has crawled into his machine somehow. Luckily this one didn’t have a chance to damage the motherboard.

Photos here:

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I am .ogg

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I was suckered into doing another on-line test, and ended up as a .pdf (probably my punishment). But then I lost the link and re-did the test and turned into a .ogg file. Much more appropriate :)


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