UDS sessions attended 2009-06-27 (Day 3)

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These are just some points I took down during todays session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Better notes may be available by the time you read this via Gobby on the gobby.ubuntu.com server.

Architecture of a Directory Infrastructure

Blueprint: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-karmic-directory-architecture/

  • Recap: Yesterday kerberos was discussed as a default solution for authentication in Ubuntu, dns, openldap, etc
  • Brief discussion on how slave/masters should be selected
  • DHCP in OpenLDAP will probably not be required for the Karmic, DNS could still be configured via DHCP
  • Discussion on various patches that may be appropriate for kerberising services
  • Should DNS be built-in to the directory server infrastructure or would it be ok relying on an external one? Karmic release won’t be so much about integrating with current infrastructure, but will be revisited for future release.
  • Discussion around PTR records and other nigly DNS and DHCP issues, race conditions and avoiding spoofing.
  • Discussion of relevant OpenLDAP features
  • Password changes and password synchronization is still an issue with a Samba/OpenLDAP integration, Howard has a patch that could provide a solution for MIT OpenLDAP.

Improving Loco Marketing

  • Paulo Sammicheli introduced ubuntu-it and explained that there are usually differences between English and non-English speaking Loco teams.
  • “Evangalism” is possibly not a good word to use when refering to advocacy.
  • Some loco teams work very much like LUGs, are too passive.
  • 250 CD’s for loco team is by far not enough for Loco team areas that covers millions of people.
  • Discussion on printed CD’s vs self-burned. Some people feel that local burned CD’s are harmful and the printed CD’s are the only way to go. Printed CD’s isn’t an option for many because of limited quantity, timing, etc.
  • Spread Ubuntu should be promoted to loco teams more.
  • Paulo played a “Stand by me” video that was quite good that could be used as an inspirational video. It features street artists from all over the world, something similar that combines loco teams from all over the world would be awesome.
  • A follow-up session will be held on IRC and be announced soon.

Loco Council Review

  • Some people don’t know what the Loco Council does, it may need to be communicated better.
  • It does conflict resolution, team approvals and team reviews.
  • When a leader isn’t contactable for team review, the council should attempt to contact the most popular posters of the loco list, a team shouldn’t be deactivated/punishes when the leader is unavailable for whatever reason.
  • Ubuntu-ZA had a good experience with the Loco Council review, perhaps loco teams should provide more feedback on the review process.
  • Loco Council would like some more feedback and ideas.

Build a very light desktop based for Ubuntu with LXDE

  • LXDE is a very light desktop environment widely used in Asia with a large user community, runs fast in 64MB memory.
  • It’s themable, adjustable, has a light filemanager (although horrible usability, maybe something worth investigating)
  • How much of gconf, etc is required to integrate network manager, update manager, etc? Seems like gcong may still be required.
  • A .xsession file may be required to start update manager, notify-osd, network manager, etc since LXDE does not start the xdg autostart applications automatically.
  • wiqd and conman has been mentioned as possible alternatives to network-manager.
  • e17 isn’t a good alternative candidate, it’s not released yet.
  • Do we want an image, or just a meta-package? Ogra suggests only a meta-package for now. People in the session generally agrees.

Pleniary Sessions

  • Daniel Cheng talked about Ubuntu’s audio stack.
    • How ALSA and OSS came about.
    • Why Pulse Audio is necessary.
  • Canonical vs Community - An Outside Study.
    • Findings from university students studying Canonical’s business model
  • Moblin and Android
    • A demo of Moblin and Android running on Ubuntu. Moblin is really awesome.

Edubuntu Karmic

  • Add-on release such as previous releases, the work will begin to make Edubuntu a full release again for Ubuntu 10.04 (Karmic+1)
  • Universe will be enabled for builds so that applications from universe can be included.
  • The Sugar interface will become part of the Edubuntu software bundle in Karmic and users will be able to install it as a optional packages. Integration of tasks from sugar in the desktop menus will be investigated.
  • Localised menu support, currently some districts, most notably in Spain and in Canada requires the menus to follow a manu structure that is alligned to the curriculum and locality. Guadalinex currently addresses this by modifying 43 packages in Ubuntu for their system. We’ll attempt to produce a mechanism that would reduce their workload with regards to the menu implementation drastically.

LoCo Team Conference Packs

  • The t-shirts that say “Ubuntu Guru” might be better without the “Guru” part- “Ubuntu Guru” sounds terrible in Italian.
  • Language is an issue, in many countries the brochures in English aren’t of any use.
  • Mozilla provides big banners for their local chapters that can be re-used, that could work for Ubuntu as well.
  • Positioning text in the middle for banners/brochures is good practice, accommodates cultures that read from left to right and from right to left.
  • Some people have ordered converence packs directly without consulting the loco team which creates problems.
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