Holiday time

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Whohoo! My first real holiday since… since… a very long time! Haven’t planned all my holiday time yet, but this is what I have so far…

Next week I’ll also try to catch up on a lot of Ubuntu stuff (more on that to follow) I’ve been meaning to do for a long long time now (some things even 2 years). After that I’ll just relax and have a good time, I want to get back in full force and really take 2008 by the horns!

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When I started my blog, I used to post about 2 posts a month. Over the last few months, this has increased quite a bit, and it is likely do continue. Wordpress (the great blogging software that I use) has support for multiple feeds, so I decided to make use of it, and created a page containing links to feeds that Wordpress automatically generates based on categories and tags.

Selecting a feed for a specific category/tag may be useful if you only want to read posts about certain topics, or if you want to add my blog to an on-line feed like a Planet while only filtering through relevant posts.

A list of the available feeds are available here:

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Akismet Rocks!

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The biggest reason I switched from the previous blogging software I used to Wordpress, is the amount of spam I used to receive. I didn’t really know how well Wordpress dealt with spam, but I had to try something else, removing blog spam all the time became a tedious and repetitive job. So, I installed Wordpress, and enabled the Akismet plugin. It works great. It moves all known spam out of your way (you could review it if you really like, but I’ve never seen a false positive in my spam queue), and if it’s unsure, you can manually approve or deny the spam in the usual Wordpress moderation queue.

Since I enabled it, Akismet has caught 100 000 spam messages. Glad I didn’t have to filter that by hand :)

I’ve added the Akismet sidebar plugin as well, it displays the amount of spam messages caught. Thanks Akismet!

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Got digged

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Shew, my post from yesterday got digged, and as a result, it made my hosting server very busy, which caused my account to be suspended. Sorry if you visited recently and got a hostgator-suspend-page!

I’ve dropped down to the default Wordpress theme, enabled page caching, turned off gzip compression for pages, and the server’s load average dropped from 6 .53to 1.30 in about a minute!

I’ll be moving this site to Tektonic, they have some real nice price plans and services. The rest of the less-cpu instensive stuff will stay here on Hostgator, they are cheap enough :)

At least my site will now run from a decent Ubuntu 6.06 box, and I can install whatever I want on it. Yay!

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