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Shew, my post from yesterday got digged, and as a result, it made my hosting server very busy, which caused my account to be suspended. Sorry if you visited recently and got a hostgator-suspend-page!

I’ve dropped down to the default Wordpress theme, enabled page caching, turned off gzip compression for pages, and the server’s load average dropped from 6 .53to 1.30 in about a minute!

I’ll be moving this site to Tektonic, they have some real nice price plans and services. The rest of the less-cpu instensive stuff will stay here on Hostgator, they are cheap enough :)

At least my site will now run from a decent Ubuntu 6.06 box, and I can install whatever I want on it. Yay!

4 Responses to “Got digged”

  1. Ryan Prior Says:

    I suggest checking out NearlyFreeSpeech.Net — they offer very reasonable pricing for hosting with good technical capabilities. You only pay for the service you use, so you pay a little bit more when you get Dugg but immediately scale back.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to have you taken down ;)

  3. jonathan Says:

    No problem Vince! I think I needed to move my blog to bigger hosting at some point. I enjoyed getting all these hits, it’s quite interesting what it can do to a server :)

  4. jerith Says:

    I can heartily recommend Linode if you’re interested in maintaining your own box.

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