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Some of you may be aware of LOLcats. It’s a site where pictures of cats are posted with funny captions. The language used has evolved into it’s own little language, and there’s also a LOLcode programming language. LOLcats have become very popular, and there are many references to it in popular culture these days.


A while ago, Debian started posting loldebian pictures, which are similar in format:


Towards the end of last year, I thought of starting something for Ubuntu and related projects called Lolbuntu. I poked a few people about it but there wasn’t too much interest at that stage. It was never really announced anywhere either, I wanted to get timing right. I played around and made a few posts which you can find at

I might end that site if it ends up redundant. I’ve been complaining about how boring the Fridge is again. It’s supposed to be cool and fresh and weird and exciting, but it’s become too formal and more of a generic newspost than anything else. I talked to the Ubuntu news team briefly tonight, and suggested that we could perhaps make Lolbuntu part of the Fridge instead. I hope that it would bring in some fun and it could give better exposure to activities within your local Ubuntu team. If you have photos of local Ubuntu users doing something funny or captionable, then please e-mail it to me with the following details:

  • Caption (or you can add it yourself if you want)
  • Who’s in the photo
  • Where and when it was taken (if you have that information)

Remember that we want good pictures to post on the Fridge, any picture you send through should comply to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

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