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On April the 19th, just over a month from now, the Digital Freedom Expo will take place at the University of the Western Cape and will run for two days. It will host high-profile speakers including:

One of the keynote speakers include smooth talkin’ Stafford Masie. Initially I thought, “hopefully seeing him talk Novell out of the latest Novell scandals will be at least mildly entertaining”, but then I decided no, I’m not going to sit back en let him smooth talk himself out of this one! I’ll also ask him some questions that other people might be afraid to ask. Impilinux is attempting to get a slot as well, and we’ll be representing the local Ubuntu community.

I urge all Cluggers (and clug-park readers specifically (also JOCUAMAOE)) and the Ubuntu Loco team to attend and give Masie a run for his money. The last event I attended where he spoke, he just did his usual smooth-talking and people just stared at him, everyone thought he was talking nonsense, but didn’t think it was worth while even talking to him about it. I heard one media person say that his talk was well-received, afterwards. We shouldn’t give him a chance to get away with it again! What might also add some fuel to the fire, is that this is taking place at the University who vowed to phase out Novell completely shortly after the Microsoft/Novell agreement.

Impilinux is considering organising anti-patent t-shirts for the event, if you have any t-shirt ideas, or if you’d like to have one of those t-shirts (you’ll have to attend), then please leave a comment on this blog entry. We’d like to make sure there’s sufficient demand for the t-shirts before printing them :)

I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a blast!

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  1. Sam Says:

    I don’t really have an idea for the t-shirts but I do know of a great place that does custom printing for Free! If you have any good ideas that need to be developed has great deals for group orders. You might want to check them out!

  2. Morgan Collett Says:

    I have registered/requested a at DfX, BoF for the Ubuntu-ZA community:

    If it’s before Stafford’s talk, we can marshal our hecking. If it’s afterwards, maybe we can celebrate / bemoan the state of Freedom!

  3. Desere' Rebelo Says:

    I import the original Rock Eagle t-shirts and I am interested in exhibiting at your expo. Can you please forward me more information.

  4. Neo Says:

    You guys are the best..
    I lov your work, Guys…….

    Keep it happening…..

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