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By the time I write this, Akismet will have caught a quarter of a million of spam entries on my blog. Thanks again, Akismet!

Michelle Obama

This morning while driving to work, I heard excerpts from Michelle Obama’s speech that she delivered in Denver yesterday. I haven’t cried in nearly 13 years, but every now and again something happens that brings me close, that speech got brought me one of those moments. I think Michelle Obama will make an awesome first lady.

Monopoly World Edition

Hasbro (the company behind the popular game, Monopoly), will be releasing a new version of the game that contains popular cities around the world. The cities were chosen by votes on their website, and they have made the results public. My home town, Cape Town, got in at number 3. Awesome.

Monopoly site image

7 Responses to “Cool stuff today”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Wow, you get 900 spam messages in the matter of minutes? That’s impressive!

  2. jonathan Says:

    Heh, maybe that was a bit “optimistic” :)

  3. Fabian Rodriguez Says:

    Uh… Montreal rulez ;)

  4. Steve Says:

    Just the thought of Mrs. Obama being our first lady makes me want to cry like a baby :P

  5. snpz Says:

    Hey, but take a look at the second place!;) Riga is my home city. Does any of you even knows where is it?:D Joke ;)

  6. verb Says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    There is a group of people who controlled the U.S. and are controlling it and will continue to control it. Both parties are owned by these guys and they get to choose their next puppet according to the public demand. They own all the major banks, oil companies, and multi-national corporations well as the federal reserve, the FBI, CIA. They own the education and all the media and TV stations and are capable of modifying the public opinion at ant time.

    Their idea is so big that it’s a challenge to a normal person’s reason to comprehend, making several people deny its existence on basis of improbability, but in the end you be the judge.

    So, don’t count on Obama, he’s just a puppet, same as those before him.

  7. Lilly Web Says:

    That is brilliant, I have been receiving a lot of spam lately maybe to really investigate this and pass on to our office guru

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