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Dear Corey

First of all, I think it’s common wisdom in the Ubuntu community that Ubuntu bug reports should rather be filed in Launchpad, and not be sent to someone’s inbox where they are hidden from the rest of the world.

Secondly, please enable comments on your blog. In the past, people have disabled comments to prevent spam. With the spam filtering software available these days in just about any blogging platform, this is hardly necessary any more. Write-only communication is considered bad manners in the on-line world.

For what it’s worth, I run Hardy on a fairly low-spec machine (Centrino 1.6ghz, 512MB RAM) and it performs fine. If you could create a Launchpad bug report with your exact hardware specifications, then the problem could possibly be traced down to a bug in some hardware drivers that may be causing the problem (I had a similar problem during the Feisty and Gutsy development cycles).

Update: I’ve striked the request for Cory to change the way his posts work. As one commenter said, it’s not really my place to dictate. I still do wisht that Advogato would either allow comments, or that people who post things to planets post from a platform that allows comments.

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9 Responses to “Bugs go to Launchpad”

  1. Venkat Raghavan Says:

    I have not found time to try out hardy yet, so I can’t judge Corey’s comments.

    However, I should probably point out that advogato does not allow comments. It is not fair to accuse Corey of write-only communcation :)

  2. jonathan Says:

    Ouch, I didn’t realise that Advogato doesn’t support comments.

    I hope that Corey will consider a change of blogging platform.

  3. murat Says:

    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/190754 is probably the relevant bug.

  4. Alex Says:

    Dear Jonathan Carter of Borg,

    Peoples’ personal blogs are not subject to yours or anyone else’s notion of manners. If you’re offended by a blogger’s manners, don’t visit the blog.

    If you and others are offended enough then maybe you can get the blog’s feed dropped from Planet Ubuntu (I believe the latter is badly in need of a good culling anyhow; too much non-Ubuntu junk posts).

  5. jonathan Says:

    @Alex Yes, you are completely right. Nothing that anyone puts on the web is subject to my approval! :)

    However, I do think that it is especially appropriate to open up your posts for comments if it is aggregated on a large scale. Sure, we can e-mail Advogato users, but that takes away a lot of the interactive/collaboration nature of how we communicate these days.

  6. effie_jayx Says:

    I think it is not fair to judge someone by the openness of *his* space. He chose to mention something but not to discuss it. that’s fine. There is always cross referencing blogs of trackbacks… you just did it and it has generated not one discussion, but two.

    I think even if you don’t share his opinions, you should always respect his personal space. and bringing the discussion here is probably the best you could have done.

    On Ubuntu being buggy… hey, that’s the point of the exercise. let’s file them bugs…

  7. Vadim P. Says:

    To tell you the truth, “swap hell” is something that I often used to experience on my old laptop. You run out of RAM, and swap (or no swap if you broke it again), and Ubuntu will just endlessly grind your HD.

    I read that Linux can make use of a swap file, but I guess that needs special configuration, or at least it’s not on by default :(

  8. Someone Says:

    It’s important to have your blogs open for comments if you ASK A QUESTION on said blog.

    I’ve read blogs many times where I have a solution to question/problem poised in a blog only to find I have to jump through hoops to figure out how to tell the person.
    Especially with these blogs that don’t have any real contact info. Email is nice I suppose, but I don’t really want to draft a full email just to answer a two liner question. On top of that, you probably don’t want your inbox filled with responses to your question.

    I do my best and look for an IRC, forum, whatever alias that I can answer with, but blogs now-a-days don’t have that sort of stuff.

    It’s bloody near impossible to contact some of these people, yet they ask questions over and over again and expect answers.

    That is why you should allow comments. And I agree, if you’re using something that doesn’t, you either need to switch, or jump through hoops so that people can reply (without knowing who you are already). And even then, you’ll get spammed with a lot of the same answers, because no one can tell what other people have answered, but that’s your own damned fault.

    Suck it up– Allow comments.

  9. Maxo Says:

    I agree with you on allowing comments. I find it annoying when someone posts something and I would like to leave my feedback but find I cannot. Usually I intend my feedback to be for the public, and not just the publisher. Even when I still want to get it to the publisher via e-mail, I find it difficult to find their address.

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