Ubuntu Community Council Elections

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Election Time

It’s Ubuntu Community Council election time!

From the voting page (You should’ve received a link if you’re an Ubuntu member):

The Council is responsible for community governance. They are the ultimate arbiter of community disputes, and they nominate candidates for leadership in key positions across the entire project. In selecting your candidates, please consider their ability to act in an independent fashion and exercise good judgement of character, values and tone. We have an enormous community now that spans many different media, regions, technologies and interests. The CC cannot include a representative of every constituency, so members of the CC need to be able to represent the interests of many different groups.

The Candidates

We have a very strong selection of candidates. They are:

How I’m Voting

I firstly read through each candidate’s wiki page. Some had quite sparse information on their wiki pages and websites, while some have either a decent wiki page or link to a page where you can find out more about them. Some of them have also added a paragraph on their wiki page explaining why they are standing for the CC. There are two candidates that I haven’t ever worked with, interacted or met before so I had to rely on their wikis/websites/launchpad-profiles more than the others.


The ballot above is what the default looks like, default values are at 12 so you have to purposely promote the candidates that you want to vote in.

I gave a “1″ ranking to the candidates I absolutely wanted to see in the Community Council. A “2″ for those who I’d really like to be in there, but if they’re not it will be ok, and a “3″ to “6″ for the rest. They’re all good candidates and I didn’t specifically want to vote against anyone. 12 Rankings feel like a bit too much for 7 candidates, especially considering that there’s just 7 candidates and that you’ll probably put some of them on the same ranking level (not sure where I got that idea, there are indeed 12 candidates). The voting statistics will be made public after the election (although all voting will remain anonymous), so I’m interested in seeing how people are going to cast their votes.

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5 Responses to “Ubuntu Community Council Elections”

  1. Jesper Jarlskov Says:

    There’s 12 people on both of your lists. How’s that 12 candidates?

  2. Jesper Jarlskov Says:

    Even better when I mix up as well :-) .

    There’s 12 people on both of your lists. How’s that *7* candidates?

  3. jonathan Says:

    Heh, seems like today isn’t a good day for counting. Post updated :)

  4. Jonathan Carter: Ubuntu Community Council Elections | TuxWire : The Linux Blog Says:

    [...] more here: Jonathan Carter: Ubuntu Community Council Elections Share and [...]

  5. jonathan Says:

    Voting is complete and results are available here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-October/000627.html

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