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A few weeks ago I was in book store (yes, it happens), and noticed that there is even a Facebook magazine these days. What’s even worse is, there are actually people who are willing to pay R119 (~US$15) to read 148 pages of Facebook stuff!!!

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3 Responses to “Facebook Magazine”

  1. Charl van Niekerk Says:

    This is just sick! I mean why on earth would they put something this barbaric on bookshelves. If it was a FB developers journal I might have let it go, but this! What is this for? Noobs?

  2. Jade Says:

    Ha ha ha, well I guess they have thought of it all haven’t they, ‘facebook’ is getting to take over the world!
    Scary, how when something like this takes off… it really takes off!

  3. Ramon Thomas Says:

    Someone said there’s an idiot born every day. Without stupid people the economy would shut down because nobody would buy such idiotic products.

    You can read everything you wanted to know and more online anyway. This can only appeal to those same people with low self-esteem who read People magazine and TV Guide!

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