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I’ve just updated all my SSH keys, as everyone who is running a Debian-based system should. I’ve also changed the ports that SSH listens on on a bunch of systems, just to be safe, and to be a less obvious target to script-kiddies. Debian itself has also taken caution by disabling key-based logins to some developer services for now. If the changes I made caused any breakage for anyone, please let me know, and I’ll get it sorted out.

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  1. Charl van Niekerk Says:

    I wonder if this issue affects distros based on Debian as well, like Ubuntu for example… Since it’s only from 2006-09-17, probably not?

  2. Adrian Moisey Says:

    I don’t have root access to your server anymore, can you fix that please ?

  3. jonathan Says:

    @Charl, yes, it will affect all Debian-based systems, unless the variant have fixed this problem themselves, which is unlikely since it has been an unknown vulnerability

    @Adrian, sure, I e-mailed you all the new details and all my root passwords.

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