Ubuntu on Dell machines *very* soon

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We all knew it would happen, but to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen quite so soon. Morgan just pasted this link to me on IRC, Dell will start taking orders for Ubuntu laptops today. Wow. If you asked me six months ago, I would estimate that it would take at least 2-3 years for this to happen. So, everyone who called me too optimistic were WRONG!! Mhuhahahaha.

Get more information from http://www.dell.com/open

Dell website

They also have a mailing list for their Linux announcements: http://lists.us.dell.com/mailman/listinfo/linux-announce

Also cool, they use GNU Mailman for their mailing lists! It’s highly uplifting to see big corporates interested in selling and using free software. I just badly hope we can buy them in South Africa too, soon.

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7 Responses to “Ubuntu on Dell machines *very* soon”

  1. Edward A Robinson Says:

    Link seems to be down.

  2. John Says:

    There is an extra “w” in your link to dell’s website, not on what’s displayed, but the actual link.

  3. mike Says:

    the link to the dell.com page contains one “w” too much.

  4. Claudio Says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Fix your link to dell (you use wwww in the source):

  5. jonathan Says:

    Fixed, seems that I couldn’t contain the excitement ;)

  6. ulrik Says:

    I’m thrilled. I think dell does the Ubuntu offer presentation very well!

  7. Joe Says:

    Only problem is that the laptop is ugly :-P

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