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Earlier this year I blogged about some real nice Ubuntu stickers.

If you’re South African, you can now get even better Ubuntu stickers from the Frogfoot shop. The picture is a bit inacurate, since the brushed metal effect of the real stickers are horizontal, not vertical as on the rendered picture, but it’s real nice quality. I’ll replace the image below with a picture of the real one as soon as I find my camera cable :)

Ubuntu Stickers (Pack of 5)

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3 Responses to “Local Ubuntu Stickers”

  1. porges Says:

    Wah, I want some of these. Anyone in SA want to re-ship them out of the country? :)

  2. JaneW Says:

    Wah, I want to use Ubuntu again!

    Once I get myself back in Ubuntu land I’ll be buying one of these for sure!

  3. CypherHackz.Net Says:

    Get Ubuntu Stickers for FREE!…

    For those who use Ubuntu, you must get this four free Ubuntu stickers. Show your pride to others as Ubuntu users. System76 give free Ubuntu stickers for those who want it. All you have to do is just send them a self addressed stamped envelope to:


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